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Dial vs. Hold - Multiple Solutions for Gas Gun Shooters

The precision rifleman or scoped carbine shooter must become familiar with holds at distances outside of their normal zero in order to achieve accurate hits on target. The rifle's optic allows several options to account for the differences in impact elevation, including a reticle with angular measurements (MIL, MOA, BDC) and also the elevation turret that can adjust the reticle. But which option should you choose and why?

Holding refers to using the measurements within the reticle to "hold over" the target by using a hashmark on the reticle as the new aim point instead of the reticle's center. Dialing refers to manually adjusting the scope's elevation knob to move the reticle within the scope so that the center reticle can still be used as the aimpoint for further targets.

In this vlog post, we have a look at the two methods to Dial or Hold for distance shots and explain how and when to use each method. The video was intended for shooting stages at The Tactical Games, but the knowledge can be applied by any shooter needing to make an elevation adjustment. We discuss the differences in Dial versus Hold for BOTH long and short ranges using Triggercam and reticle examples!

When learning to use elevation adjustments, you should make sure your rifle is zeroed both on the reticle and the turrets (turrets have been slipped back to 0) and you should have a ballistic profile built for your gun (we recommend an app-based solver on your phone like Hornady 4DOF or similar).

Have a look at our video on Dial vs Hold!

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