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Match Finder: Find a Scoped Carbine Match Near You!

Updated: Apr 29

Are you searching for a match designed to stretch the legs on your scoped carbine or precision gas gun? Check out our list of matches below to find an organization in your state! This list is SPECIFICALLY based on matches designed for scoped carbine, SPR/DMR, or precision gas gun that test your ability to hit targets at distance with speed and accuracy. This list does NOT include PRS or other matches that are designed around bolt guns but accommodate gas guns.

Welcome to our beta Match Finder tool! It's a little clunky right now, but we are building ways to improve the search experience so that you can more easily find scoped carbine matches near you.

Do you run or know of a gas gun match that isn't on the list? Please shoot us an email at with the subject "New Match" so that we can add it! Please keep entries related specifically to precision gas gun events.


at Silver Creek Range, Chunchula

at Steel City Precision, Vance


at Cowtown Range, Peoria

at Rio Salado Sportsman's Club, Mesa

at Adair Range, Yuma


at Liberty Hill Outdoors, Rector


at Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, Sacramento


at Parrhesia Precision Rifle Club, Woodrow

at Pueblo West Sportsman's Club, Pueblo

at Ben Lomond Gun Club, Simla


at Volusia Gun Club, New Smyrna Beach

at Volusia Gun Club, New Smyrna Beach


at Arena Training Facility, Blakely


at High Stakes Outdoor Alliance, Creston


at Great Plains Precision, Ottawa


at Prince Gun Range, Pioneer


at Duluth Practical Shooting Group, Fredenberg Township

at Rush Lake Range, New York Mills


at Carbon Precision Range, Forest City

at Cedar Fork Range, Perryville


at Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility, Reno

at Desert Sportsmans Rifle Club, Las Vegas

North Carolina

at Alliance Outdoors, Maysville

North Dakota

at Painted Woods Sporting Range, Williston


at Ben Franklin Range, Templeton

at Geissele Range, Tremont

at New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club, Gap

at Mifflin County Sportsmen's Association, Lewiston

South Carolina

at Sawmill, Laurens

at Clinton House, Laurens

at GTI, Barnwell

at Sawmill, Laurens


at Strategic Shooting Dynamics, Dilley


at Ironman Range, Quantico

West Virginia

at Peacemaker, Gerrardstown

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