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6mm MAX and the New SOLGW Broadsword Receiver Set!

Updated: Jan 9

The Broadsword receiver set from SOLGW features a robust barrel nut interface between upper receiver and the M89 rail, fully ambidextrous lower controls, an extended surface behind the trigger for improved trigger finger placement, and many other improved features.

We have a look at the new Sons of Liberty Gun Works receivers chambered in 6mm MAX! 2A Fulfillment Pro shooter Mike Russo joins us to give an overview of his new General Purpose rifle for the Quantified Performance gas gun series. We talk about the 6mm Max cartridge from BC Precision Ballistics, the build specs for the General Purpose division, and the new Broadsword rifle from Sons of Liberty Gun Works.

A 77gr 5.56mm cartridge (Left) compared with a 103gr 6mm MAX cartridge (Right). Notice the straight-walled case of the 6mm MAX versus the tapered case of the 5.56.

6mm MAX is a new cartridge based on the straight-walled 350 Legend parent case. It allows shooters to pair the ballistic superiority of the 6mm bullet with the same bolt and gas system components of small frame 5.56 rifles. The 6mm MAX will utilize a different barrel and requires new magazines based on the 350 Legend cartridge. Duramag is developing the 6mm MAX 30-round magazines.

Check out the video below for more details on this cartridge and the build!

We further discuss some comparisons of the cartridge with 6 ARC in this video:

You can see the 6mm MAX in action at the 2024 Quantified Performance gas gun series! Come out to a match and see how it performs against the competition.

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