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SOPMOD Riser Black

SOPMOD Cheek Riser

Consistent and solid cheek weld is critical to quickly finding the eye box on your magnified optic and getting on target. The SOPMOD stock’s sloping cheek piece is one of the most comfortable for scoped carbines, but as many shooters move to Low-Power Variable Optics, precision optics, or taller optic mounts, their cheek weld becomes inconsistent and non-conducive for precise shots.


The SOPMOD Riser increases the stock height by 0.25” or 0.50”, depending on selection, allowing the shooter to achieve a better connection to the rifle and eye box.


The SOPMOD Riser features:


  • 0.25” or 0.50” height increase for a solid cheek weld
  • Adjustable placement on your SOPMOD stock along the buffer tube axis
  • Quick release hook and loop attachment for rapid removal or rifle reconfiguration
  • Thermoformed Kydex design
  • Fits common SOPMOD-style stocks including LMT, B5, Magpul, BCM, and more
  • Dimensions: 5.4" L x 2.6" W
  • Weighs 3.5 oz
  • Made in the USA



NOTE: Due to the nature of the AR-15 and AR-10 designs, the SOPMOD Riser will interfere with the charging handle unless the stock is extended out to positions 4 or 5 of the adjustable range.


Are you searching for a different cheek riser for your slim stock or NODs rifle? Check out our Carbine Cheek Riser!

  • SOPMOD Riser Installation Notes

    This video details the simple installation of the SOPMOD Riser.


  • Fits the Following AR15 Stocks:

    • B5 SOPMOD
    • B5 Bravo
    • BCM Gunfighter SOPMOD
    • HK E1/E2 (MR556, 416, M27, etc)
    • Magpul ACS
    • Magpul ACS-L
    • Magpul STR
    • Magpul SL-S
    • And many more!

    Does not fit VLTOR IMOD or EMOD stocks.

  • Need a Spare Velcro Mount?

    Purchase additional Velcro Loop mounts HERE.

  • Have a Question on our Cheek Risers?

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