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The 3x5" hard data card fits in your armband or card pouch and provides a template for organizing your gun's ballistic data for range conditions. The data card is built from 100 yards (or meters) out to 1000 yards in 20-yard increments for quick, precise data when you need it.

We have applied the short wind formula to the listed ranges in increments of 100 yards. The short wind formula, combined with your gun number, will help you to estimate your wind call.

Use this card to record:

  • Date

  • Gun/load

  • Environmental conditions

  • Holds for your gun

Hard data is always better than looking at your ballistic solver every time- have it recorded to get on target faster!

The template comes in an Excel file and is customizable to your needs. We recommend printing this template on cardstock instead of regular printer paper.

3x5" HARD DATA CARD: TeamMember
3x5" HARD DATA CARD: Featured Product
3x5" HARD DATA CARD: Featured Product
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